The Beach House: Sunroom Evolution

Betsy Moyer Sunroom
Gah, look at how it frames that Eucalyptus!

At the beach house, the road to windows was a long one.

It was a tough call bc the original French panes gave this place all of the charm that made me first fall in love. I wanted to do the home justice. As it turns out, these floor-to door height fixed panes were a fantastic turn for the interior vibe, and I’m ever grateful for that.

Here is a look at the sunroom on my first real estate tour.

The blue exterior of the french mullions was overpowered by the white interior and provided a bit of a fuzzy feeling to the view through the windows. You can get a sense of that from the image above where you can see both colors on the windows.

For a period of time, after we had just moved in, I had the window frames painted black. At the time, this decision seemed like a huge risk but it came to me in the solution for better framing the views of the canyon beyond the window. The windows were also a disappointment because after 30 years a permanent film of condensation had gathered between the glass of the double panes.

I whipped up some ideas in photoshop, as you can see below, to get a sense for what a wood frame would feel like with less division in the light panes.

Ultimately it is where we landed with the division. I had Jeldwen windows installed throughout the home but these specific windows were created by AG Millworks to best match the large accordion doors.

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