2021 Interior Design Trends

I want you to know that we love trend spotting. It’s one of the great joys of being an Interior Design Enthusiast.

Style by Sarah of TEOT, photography by Rachel Garrison

Sarah and I are both particularly good at it and frankly we were putting our bet on that when we took this whole blog endeavor to the next level and opened up our Retail Shop in Southern Pines, NC.

In that experience, the interesting thing that we have found, is that having your finger on the pulse of what is next in interior design, doesn’t always mean you get to sell what you see coming down the pipeline.

Quite the opposite. We start moving particular items after we have already seen them crest and they are on their way down the other side of the bell curve.

SHOP TEOT in Southern Pines by Rachel Garrison

We love to watch the cycle. Sometimes we are eager to see items fizzle out (ahem… Macrame) and some we want to keep a secret as we think to ourselves, “Please, don’t let Target get a hold of this just yet.”

It’s still plenty fun to style with Turkish Towels, Malian mudcloths, Moroccan baskets, pampas grasses and the many other token “trendy” home decor items that have passed through our shop.

But we’re looking ahead to matte ceramics and earthen pottery. Rattan and cane still feel good to work with even though they are creeping pretty hard, that’s why they are great in unexpected use cases. We are digging on pleated lampshades and dried florals. I am feeling drawn to reeded furniture, large Marble movement moments, Dark tone-on-tone exteriors and arches everywhere.

We like to be known for this uncanny ability to be all about what is next.

Speaking of being positioned for that knowledge. I recently got tapped to participate in a round-up post. Interior Designs Trends for 2021: Tips From the Experts

I popped by and dropped my two cents on why Kantha Quilts are just as relevant as ever and why I believe we will be seeing more and more selling in 2021. Hint: It has to do with the onslaught of the “Grand-Millenial” style, aka “Granny-chic.” Are you on top of that already? If you haven’t seen it yet, its comin’ hard for us all.

Maybe we will talk more about it someday. We think it’s best when it has a whiff of Rita Konig inspiration, the more English Countryside the better. It will be great to explore the deeper side of case goods and get into some more primitive early American furniture pieces.

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