Organize Your Own Style Files

We sign off this week leaving you with a task that would be perfect for a rainy weekend or afternoon, unfortunately one of those is upon us here in NC. 

the estate of things chooses pure style home blog

I recently visited another home design blog called Pure Style Home, where interior designer Lauren is currently on the Search for Home.  I love her posts about her house hunt but I also appreciated her post about maintaining and organizing her own style files.

the estate of things chooses pure style home blog

Her post includes a detailed explanation about creating and organizing all of her sources for design inspiration which made me A) feel a lot less crazy about my own style files and B) gave me some ideas on how to better organize my own files to make them more accessible and gave me ideas on how to catalog mine in a way that made more sense.  I liked the post because Lauren didn’t leave out many details, she offered examples and she doesn’t seem to hide a lot. Thanks Lauren!

If I didn’t have to hang mirrors and towel hooks at Bungalow 404 this weekend I would be tackling the style files. No I’m not making excuses…I have to move soon!

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