Great Fix for a Hallway Closet Eyesore

Rachael (my fun and amazing sister-in-law) had a great and inexpensive idea that I thought the internet should know about!

Up the stairs, and in the hallway between two bedrooms there sat a little nook. In order to solve some storage issues, Rach had Chad (my bro) cut out the wall into the attic space to finish a closet for seasonal items. She knew she wouldn’t need to get to the space often, and so she was interested in creating a little vignette there.

I found this great red gypsy dresser at the Habitat for Humanity and upon my move, I bequeathed it to her. Its a perfect fit for the space. We moved it in the other week and then stood there contemplating how to camouflage the closet door. I don’t know why we didn’t think about it at the time…. but obviously it was a great idea to hang up some curtains that she sewed up, giving the impression that there is a window back there!

Awesome idea Rach, and it looks great. I love black and white with red!

The Estate of Things Hallway Eyesore Solution


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