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If you’ve been hanging out with us for a while here on TEOT, then you might have gathered that I move around a lot. I can’t stay in one house for long. For the record, I’ve been at my current house for a little over two years but it feels like at least…an eternity.  I don’t move from state to state, it’s more like one house over or maybe the other side of town. When I think about homes around here (everyday), I’ve come to the conclusion that as long as I’m physically able to move around I’ll never be satisfied with one house.

During my weekly visit with the MLS, I ran across this house.  Although I’d seen it before, it was far more interesting to me this visit.

I sent Betsy a text that said something like “I wanna move here, now. It’s like Betty Draper meets Southern Living later meets Betsy Burnham” Then I emailed it to a couple of people and then I leaned over to Dan and said look at this house. He did and remarkably he played along for a bit and was interested too.

535 fairway15

What I loved the most about this house is the way it sits on the property, especially in the backyard.

535 fairway14

It was built in 1928, but remodeled mostly by Betty Draper in the 1960s.

535 fairway13


535 fairway12


535 fairway11


535 fairway10


535 fairway9

Dan said you almost have to leave the wallpaper for a while because its so weird.

535 fairway7

Hats off on the acid yellow laminate.

535 fairway6


535 fairway5

Betsy’s response to me was, “I wanna see you do that” but followed by “that place needs a serious update”. It really does, the bones are good, the potential is there as it almost always is but it truly needs a major overhaul.

535 fairway3


535 fairway2

Dan’s favorite part was the little hidden basketball court

535 fairway


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  • Oh my goodness, I spit out my 2pm coffee at the second Betty Draper reference, which was my third time hearing it.

    I really WOULD love to see you make it happen.
    Dreams are Free!

  • What a gorgeous house! Love the retro wallpapering! And you’re right, it’s so weird you would have to leave it if you moved here. My favorite part though would have to be that enclosed porch. It would be the perfect place for early morning coffee and evening dinner parties! I would love to see how you would renovate and update this beautiful home. Keep us updated on it!

    • Hey Julie-
      I toured the house and it was more of a challenge than it presented in pictures. That closed in porch is surprisingly the WORST part of the house! It will be interesting to watch the price fall on that home.

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