Estate Envy: George W. Poland House

We close this week out and bid you adieu with a featured property sitting right here in North Carolina.

All of our NC friends out there and some beyond should be pretty excited to see this week’s Estate Envy, the George W. Poland House located in Bahama, NC.

             the estate of things chooses george poland house

Designed in 1954 by architect George Matsumoto, this beauty is in a little town called Bahama in Durham County due north of Duke University overlooking the Little River Reservoir.  This house was actually moved from Crabtree Valley in 2002 to avoid demolition.  After it’s move it was updated by local architect Ellen Cassilly. 

          the estate of things chooses george matsumoto

Matsumoto was a faculty member of the North Carolina State University (NCSU) School of Design. While at NCSU, Matsumoto designed 13 homes, the Poland House being one of his early works.

         the estate of things chooses poland house

Visit the North Carolina Preservation Society to learn more about the changes this house underwent.  The house sits on a 27 acre parcel with outstanding views in every direction.  This shining example of mid-century architecture is listed at $629,000.

                the estate of things chooses poland house

Dwell Magazine ran an article about the moving of the house, see that here. Visit Peter Rumsey’s site or Modern Home Network if interested in submitting an offer. It was fun to get on the Modern Home Network and dream a little.

Come back and see us next week, I’m making my way to the flea market this weekend and picking up my Petrie sofa that I bought on Craigslist!Thanks for playing,


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