Grout Cottage: Exterior Lighting Selection

I want to put the right jewelry on the Grout Cottage now that she’s all gussied up. Let’s take a look at the field,

Grout Cottage Lights

1. Charter 1 2. York 3. Solara Hills 4. Masonic 5. Irvington Manor 6. Cordelia 7. Monterrey Bay 8. Tolland 9. Dawson


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  • Oooh, this is a tough decision. Are you attempting to be (somewhat) historically accurate with the exterior lighting? Either way, I’m really drawn to the rectangular carriage lights these days (like #4 and #5). Looking forward to seeing which option you choose.

    • Ashley-we are so like-minded. And I’m not attempting to be historically accurate, if I were the choices would be a lot of different variations of round globes.

  • My vote is for #4. I like the modern feeling of the straight lines in juxtaposition to what you might expect when you hear “Queen Anne.”

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