Grout Cottage: Porchectomy

Our skilled surgeons performed a routine porchectomy this week at the Grout Cottage. The old columns are stacked neatly in the yard but I’m not going to re-use them, sorry purists. I’ve got a new plan but not to worry residents of Southern Pines, neighbors, blog readers.

grout front 7-24

Looky here, some stairs are complete! That nice wide landing will be more conducive to moving furniture up. Some windows got trimmed too, siding replaced, exterior carpentry happening.

grout stairs

Imagine a carriage once parked here and horses tied up. A sight for sore eyes certainly and recently I voted to tear it down but was overruled. Once we stop that tree from eating it, it will be great storage for the renters.

grout carriage house

And finally, the samples are still stewing in harsh 5:00 sunlight. Betsy likes Woodlawn Blue but its pretty light, Wythe has a little more substance. And while we’re talking about paint, the first coat went on the interior walls today.

grout sample 7-24

I’ve run into a scheduling nightmare today, the whole big finish on the inside just got pushed back two weeks and I talked with a brick mason today that said the foundation was a mess. Up and down, up and down.

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