Grout Cottage: Apartment B

To reviewthe Grout Cottage is a Queen Anne built in 1895. It is a duplex that we began remodeling in December 2012. Here’s the introduction post to the house.

Good Friday Morning and welcome to Apartment B. It’s the upstairs apartment at the Grout Cottage.

grout b entry

Let’s hope the stairs can get us safely to the front door.

grout b stairs

We started tearing the place out this week. I got to it with my camera after the crew had already removed the mounds of personal belongings left behind by the previous tenant.

grout b door

The whole place is clad in beadboard, walls and ceilings. There are angles everywhere.

grout b kitchen

Charming kitchen with open shelving

grout b kitchen2

that little shelf below is mounted on a chase that used to house one of the chimneys, you may remember that we have already removed all three chimneys. We had to remove the chimneys that ran from the downstairs all the way up while someone was still living upstairs. Joseph (lead carpenter extraordinaire) was just pleased as punch when they had to remove those chimneys inside a box all while containing the soot. He loves hates me.

grout b chimney

The living room is a good size and cozy but not in a bad way. It needs to be opened to the kitchen and I’m planning on making that happen.

grout b living room

That 1970s firebox is gone now.

grout b living room2

Largest bedroom in the front of the apartment. This was a first for me–the window on the right is actually a pocket window. An antique drive thru window, it actually slides open in to a cavity in the wall. There is one in each bedroom.

grout b bedroom

Closets will be expanded and doors will become standard height

grout b bedroom2

The tear out had already started in the 2nd bedroom, look at those angles.

grout b bedroom3

close up of our sliding window

grout b sliding window

I really saved the best for last–the bathroom. I did not substitute part of the set from the new Evil Dead movie, this is the real bathroom. I tried to turn the light on but it didn’t work.

grout b bath


grout b bath2

The new and improved layout of this apartment will be more of a challenge than the downstairs. We’ll have to be creative but first we meet with the plumber to find out what can be moved if anything.

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