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Sometimes I fall in to this rut –where as vast as the internet is, nothing new seems to come around. It doesn’t last long but it happens.

But recently I was searching things like “driveway hedge lighting” and “hedge landscape lighting” in Google just to see what I would come across and I discovered casaCARA.

It was clear from the beginning that Cara is a renovation junkie like me and so I kept reading. I didn’t get very far and I settled on Cara’s post about the Rockaway Bungalow. The story of M.’s Rockaway Beach New York bungalow combines some of my favorite things; stories of family and the salvage of an old house. I think Cara has some photos of her visit to M.’s bungalow to be posted soon. I’m looking forward to seeing the progress, I have a special place in my heart for the restoration of the truly dilipadated.

Rockaway bungalow via casaCARA

In progress, looks like some new windows are in and the new front door is in.

Rockaway bungalow2 via casaCARA

A new coating of stucco going on the side,

Rockaway bungalow4 via casaCARA 

As it turns out Cara is not new to design or renovation, she is a professional writer and editor contributing to Coastal Living, Hamptons Cottages & Gardens, NY Times and Metropolitan Home. And Cara collects old houses…I think I like Cara.

And Cara wants to rent her East Hampton beach cottage for the month of August this summer.

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  • This is fun. Reminds me of a July 4th when Chris and I flew to Long Island New York to pick up that old 1960 Comet car that I bought. We drove it from Long Island down to Rockaway and spent the weekend there with the Bronx crew. You and Dan were in Manhattan, so we drove in there for an evening and played with y’all.

    Anyway, the little cottage that we stayed in with Sean’s family looked a lot like that, but in a different stay of wear.

    Can’t wait to see final product. Kind of surprised by the rounded arch openings. Not sure why. It looks great.

    Also, Sarah, what’s your thought on off-center front doors on a porch like that. I’m sure it’s not worth the cost to move the door, but it always make me wonder.

    • My friend (who owns the Rockaway cottage) and I were talking about that off-center door. There’s a larger window on one side, but the rooms on either side are of equal width. It is a bit quirky but she just decided to live with it!

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