Linen Sourcin’

Sometimes I have a crazy good memory, Betsy will tell you, my friend Joel will tell you-she’s got a memory like an elephant. I’ve noticed since I had children, it loses a little super strength every year.

But I’ve still maintained this memory to draw connections and remember things on the internet, especially all things design related.

Grayline Fabrics is something that popped up on my radar a couple of weeks ago on Pinterest. Bryn Alexandra pinned one of Grayline’s color cards and mentioned that it was $7 a yard. Well that caught my attention cause I’m always in the market for some affordable linen. So I visited their site and I liked what I saw.

grayline color card
Without a color card of my very own I still had some question about quality, plus I emailed them a question and they haven’t responded.

Then I read a post Emily Henderson wrote about how she uses Grayline all the time. So now I’m thinking well, if Grayline is good ’nuff for Emily Henderson then its got to be good for the gander.

Conclusion–You should know about Grayline AND I plan to order my own color cards and select some linen for my Mom’s cushion and Kristin’s chair quick like a bunny.

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