I think her name is Deborah

Upon closer inspection of the bed linens in Betsy Burnham’s daughter’s room, I find the source of the bedding to be Deborah Sharpe Linens.  For review here is the bed again,

Betsy Burnham bed detail

I have been searching for a new sheet set for my own bed and have been considering sources like Williams Sonoma Home for a while. Before going to Deborah’s website, I couldn’t have imagined the selection of embroidery genius I was about to encounter.

Before we talk about the selection, let’s establish a pattern of usage.

Emma Pilkington Elle Decor bedroom

Emma Jane Pilkington

We’re focusing on the embroidered linens used on each of these beds, sometimes its just the shams, or a sheet set or a duvet or the whole bed.

Kate Spade bedroom

Kate Spade’s apartment

John Willey guestroom

John Willey, House Beautiful

bedroom-gray wall


bedroom CH&H

Canadian House & Home

bedroom amelia handegan 

Amelia Handegan

orange black bedroom coastal living

Coastal Living

So on to the amazing selection available at Deborah Sharpe with some of my picks,

the estate of things chooses deborah sharpe 152  the estate of things chooses art lucca  the estate of things chooses deborah sharpe 6262  the estate of things chooses deborah sharpe 6297 

the estate of things chooses deborah sharpe 7087the estate of things chooses circadian  the estate of things chooses deborah sharpe 6300



Thanks for playing,


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