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I love the idea of a bunk room and if you have browsed the TEOT flickr page at all you’ll find lots of images that make “attic” references. Although my house is of ample size I think I have an unusual amount of attic space in a total of four attic rooms. Two of the attic rooms are entirely empty due in part to the fact that I have a GIANT basement. So I consider these empty attic spaces to be wasted space.

My wheels are constantly turning about renovation whether its about my own house, my neighbors house or a friend’s house so its only natural that I utilize Contractorculture’s tips to turn one of these attic spaces in to an attic bunk room. So my husband and I tip-toed up the stairs at 10:30 and measured the width of one of the spaces and whispered about head room so that we could assess the prospect of converting one of those wasted spaces…sometime in the not so near future.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Erika’s bunk room, that was a big hit and understandably so. It was graced with Erika and her team’s design skills and it was great use of a small space.

I was reading up on some painting tips recently at This Old House and happened upon this attic bedroom suite for kids and thought this was another great version of the attic bunk room. Please excuse the directional arrow on the image.

attic bunk room

bath window vinyl shutters This Old House

attic bunk room entry This Old House

attic kids suite plan This Old House

This plan is exciting to me for a few different reasons,

  • this is the layout I have in a more basic form, 2 attic spaces joined in the middle by a bathroom
  • they raised the door frames to 6′ and vaulted the ceilings just like in the bedroom area, GENIUS
  • mechanicals enclosed in accessible space for future repair
  • added closet space
  • moved tub/shower over to window wall

You can see the rest of the renovation of their East Hampton home here.

I’m apprehensively sharing a couple of photos of my outdated upstairs bathroom, you can see a door on the left side of the bathroom and on the right. These doors each lead to separate attic spaces that are 14′ wide by about 18′ long. So in comparing that to the TOH layout above, do you see the potential? Now I just need to win the lotto and put this plan in to motion.

upstairs bath attic door

while we’re looking at this bathroom…notice the sconce on the wall, its actually a ceiling light with a glass shade attached. This bugs me every night when DC and I are going through the bedtime routine. Ugh!

upstairs bath door view


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  • I also have a bathroom in need of renovation. The bath/shower layout against a window wall is an option (I have a shuttered window just like that). Question: Wouldn’t the window be ruined by the shower water? I love the look but wonder about the practicality of the design.

    • So glad you asked. You can install a vinyl or fiberglass window that is trimmed in a wood composite product (Azek) that is resistant to rot and finish it off with marine finish over your paint and you’re set. Those shutters are also vinyl. The Indiana project had a window in the upstairs shower/tub.

      • Awesome! Genius idea. Learn something new everyday. That opens up so many more options for our bathroom layout. Thanks Sarah!

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