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Its at Aubrey+Lindsay’s blog, (the champs of the Ikea Rast Overhaul), where I read about Tonic Living. All this talk of fabric swatches for $1 is what drew me in. I went and I ordered.

I ordered this outdoor pillow for the little sofa on my porch, this little ditty was $9.95 on clearance and I couldn’t pass it up.  There were several other cute pillows on sale that were $10-$12 each.

farrow_spa_single Tonic Living

And because I’d like to recover some vintage club chairs (in the next 10 years) in my living room, I ordered these samples for a buck a piece.

emilio-sand Tonic Living


gladstoneportobello Tonic Living


garden_trellis_taupe Tonic Living


mixmaster_scribbles_white Tonic Living

I am really taken by a classic ticking stripe.  The example given below is the very sophisticated and timeless loveseat at Lauren’s apartment from Good Bones, Great Pieces.  This apartment was featured in this month’s issue of Traditional Home.

striped loveseat Good Bones Great Pieces

Truthfully, I’m terrified of upholstering those chairs in something trendy, incurring all that expense and hating them a couple of years from now.  It’s so tempting to trick them out in some graphic print but I must resist.

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  • you’re gonna be tired of the chairs by the time you decide to recover them. get on it girl.

  • I already sigh at imperial trellis, so I’d definitely say scratch that.
    I do enjoy your first swatch, what’s the scale? Its very neutral in color though and I wonder if you shouldn’t go darker!?? Those chairs could be a big statement in your LR… maybe you don’t have to love them for 10 years.

    This is coming from the girl who has NO furniture!!! ;)

  • I won’t go Imperial Trellis but I wanted to see a cheaper Trellis look a like in person. I think stripes is where it’s at.

  • Hi Sara-I just had a good time reading about Mr. Emmett with the curly locks. Thanks for sharing the link to that shade, it did help me get a better feel for the scale. And now that I see that I’m thinking the pattern is a little small for the chairs. Hey I love that you guys painted that vanity base in your bathroom and I love the black walls!

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