Our weekend activities included going to the Metrolina Spring Classic on Saturday in Charlotte, NC where I came up empty handed! But we saw a few items of note,


vintage Captains chair






this funny contraption looks like fun, it had Mercedes wheels not sure if those are original. It needed some work and a lot of people were chatting the vendor up about it.


            DSC_0144 DSC_0145

On Sunday I did some planting in one of the old window boxes, I’m hoping the sedum and purple annual will trail lushly over the side.

window box leftovers

window box

spring abounds in the Sandhills and so we admired nature in the 80 degree weather, the blueberry bush is back after much neglect at the old house!

blueberry bush


Then my husband prepared an appetizer for a neighborhood block party happening at the nearby B&B, a goat cheese and avocado concoction, it was delicious.

weekend appetizer

Then we drove around our neighborhood a bit putting faces with houses and at the behest of my parents looked in the windows at this distinguished property for sale. The listing photos don’t do the 7 acres of Eden like property justice. Holy cow!

Crest Rd. property for sale Southern Pines


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