Ashley Putnam and Ashley Edwards in it together how…why?

Last spring Lonny did a spread on the home of Houston graphic design Ashley Putnam. It was a wicked mix of old and new and is still one of my favorite homes featured in Lonny. Here are a few images from the Putnam home in case you do not have these images burned on your brain like I do,

ashley putnam bookshelf Lonny

ashley putnam living room Lonny

ashley putnam dining room Lonny

boys room Lonny Ashley Putnam

Something about the mix and Ashley Putnam felt oddly familiar and I remembered the home of a graphic designer that was featured in Domino a few years ago. So I did a little online search.

Lonny ran a photo of Mrs. Putnam which helped me solve this epic mystery.

ashley putnam Lonny

Quick Google search and bingo,I found the home of Ashley Edwards featured in Domino in 2005 photographed by the magical Paul Costello. This home obviously made an impression on me and I still have the torn pages of Ashley’s boldly painted office from that issue.

ashley_edwards_domino_office paul costello

ashley edwards office Paul Costello Domino

ashley edwards entry Paul Costello

ashley edwards living room Domino Paul Costello

ashley edwards entry Domino Paul Costello

ashley edwards bedroom Domino Paul Costello

Michelle Adams, now Lonny chief was an employee at Domino at the time the Ashley Edwards feature ran. Michelle touted Edwards’ house as one of her favorites at her personal blog M.A. Belle so its no wonder Michelle gave Ashley Putnam a ringo. Lucky for Michelle and Lonny readers, Ashley had new digs.

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  • Oh my gosh, thank you for posting that. I also have dreams about the Ashley Putnam rooms featured in Lonny. Now I just need to win the lottery so I can fly her up to Michigan to design my house!

  • So funny…I just solved that little mystery myself about a month ago. The Domino pictures showed up in an issue of Fresh Home, and I was like where have I seen this house before? Thanks for putting all the photos in one spot!

  • LOVE her home and saw it in the fresh home mag. i don’t have the domino issue her home was in and would love to see any other images of it you have! loved the lonny feature, too. This is a different house that featured in fresh home and domino, yes?

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