What is your lamp telling Grandma?

In discussing bedroom ideas for a Gypsy who wants to create a modern eclectic space and incorporate a quilt that her grandmother made:

Me: How bout a pair of bedside mini arco lamps?
Sarah: You don’t wanna crash Grandma’s Party. You should get a pair of Artimede lamps, they make a gentler statement without the chrome.  With the Artimede pair you’re saying “Grandma, welcome to our house. We won’t cuss while you are here.”

I stumbled upon this image on Beach Bungalow and it made me laugh out loud.The Estate of Things choooses Beach Bungalow Blog

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  • Haha. Though this picture is the shit (hey pattern mixing!) I’m actually in love with the robot lamps at ikea and they are only $24 each….. so i think they are a nice compromise between the two.

    The Estate of Things chooses Ikea Forsa Lamp

  • and for as long as you are drawing analogies between lamps and cussing at my grandma – I’m going to listen to your every word…

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