Before there was Gaga

My Dad and I have tickets to a show tonight to see this man,


My friend Kristin told me earlier this week that Chaka Khan is the opening act and according to my Dad, Shelia E. still plays percussion for Prince.

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  • Littleeee red corvette… you forget to mention I scored you 11th row for that bad boy! I hope you have a blast!

  • Hi, I’m a new reader to your blog and when I saw your post about Prince I had to say…you are in for one of the BEST shows of your life. Enjoy!

  • Emily,It was certainly memorable! Kristin-we got a free upgrade to the front row-hello little, famous and shirtless man.

  • Sarah- how awesome was that last night? We got upgraded to the lower level, too….even better! I’ve never been upgraded ever before in my life! Not like I did anything special to receive said upgrade unless you count buying the cheapest ticket possible! I LOVED it! He is kinda hot! :-)

  • Amy-It was pretty awesome, one of my favorite parts was the audience on stage dancing…I chose my wedding band based on the quality of their Purple Rain cover.

  • YES! The bigger ladies up on stage grinding on Prince was pretty freaking awesome. I’ve been singing Purple Rain ever since! Have a good weekend!

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