You Can’t Eat Just One

How could I ever pick my favorite at Unhappy Hipsters? Not possible…

kids TV unhappy hipster Dwell

This time it was “Mondrian: From Naturalism to Abstraction,” but at least the TV was finally on.

(Photo: Chad Holder; Dwell, April/May 2005)


glass door unhappy hipster Dwell

Rosebud’s patience wore thin. Was the door open or closed? She refused to suffer the humiliation of guessing.

(Photo: Jason Schmidt; Dwell, February 2010)

pose unhappy hipster Dwell

It was hard to tell if social networking had instilled an instinct to compulsively pose, or if there was actually a photographer at the end of the living room.

(Photo: Mark Steinmertz; Dwell, September 2003)



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