Know Your Neighborhood: Pasadena

This installment of Know Your Neighborhood took Betsy and I to Pasadena.  We weaved through the streets around the Rose Bowl after a few hours at the flea market.

craftsman garage

If I lived in the LA area, had a family and could afford it I would most certainly live in Pasadena.  The landscaping is lush, craftsman homes are a plenty and the downtown area offers bountiful shopping and charm.  I only wish we could’ve spent more time there.


this place is listed with Sotheby’s, I love the open rafters and the short awning roof


a Queen Anne emerges among the craftsman homes



lush sidewalk plantings


I am obsessed with this carport and I love how there are rooms and terraces over the garages and carports


Asian influences…


no white trim here


incredible trees and vines


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  • This’s so much fun! I just learned that I’ll be moving to Pasadena to go to graduate school in August. I don’t know anything about the area. But from the looks of it I’m guessing that apartments are gonna be pricey. Is there a good range of housing? Are there affordable ones too? I’m so glad I’m moving to a nice area! I heard LA can be dodgey but this looks so pleasant! Such lovely houses.

  • Jeffy-I’m jealous! I think you are going to like it. Betsy actually told me she found an amazing apt in Pasadena but passed it up, maybe she’ll tell you about it.

  • i’m looking to move to pasadena within the next month or so. if anybody knows of anything great (under $1500), please let me know!

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