Under the weather

I managed to pick up a quick cold yesterday and am not feeling very well. And no I’m not playing hooky from work just because House Beautiful and Elle Decor arrived in the mail on the same day.

Chat with Bob

This is DC chatting with our cat Bob.

Interestingly enough, Betsy adopted Bob from the animal shelter when were in college, 8 years ago. Bob was to be Betsy’s pet because she preferred cats and I preferred dogs but wasn’t prepared to have a dog yet. But soon after graduation Betsy took a position at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia. Bob couldn’t live in Betsy’s studio apartment which by the way was a great apartment I think. And so Bob came to live with us.

Note: Bob is actually a female cat, she also answers to Bob-bob or Bobby.

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  • that name is one million times better than the shelter’s name… sailor moon.

    naming girls w/ boys names was nicely passed along to your daughter – and if i ever make a girl human, possibilities are great for the same.

    I hope that you feel better bunny.

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