Sunday Mornin Surf Sesh

I’ve noticed that a lot of bloggers take the weekend off. This is okay with me cause it gives me an opportunity to spend a little time with Google Reader and catch up on the various posts from the week that I missed due to the fact that I must work.

I especially enjoy sitting back lazily on a late Sunday morning with Coffee, my laptop and my dog, which is kinda crazy cause that’s what I do ALL WEEK LONG as well. Proves my true affection for the www.

So this is all about some links to things of interest as I sift through my ginormous pile of bookmarks for the week!

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Mama Said We Could Draw – I have not Seen Star Wars
Author: Bliss (our Mad-Men Giveaway Winner)
This video made me laugh.

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Artist Shira Sella
Wow. I really like this image. It feels like a dream I’ve had a million times.

The Estate of Things chooses Artist Shira Sela

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The Labbit is Back – with all new habbits
I have a growing collection of the little miniature version of these guys – the smokers… I love going out of my way to pick them up in little urban artist posts when I visit cities. There are about $5 each and you just pick up a box – without knowing what color awaits you! Each of my bunnies has a different story. It was kinda fun to stumble upon this guy on the Amazon site. today.

The Estate of Things chooses the Smorkin Labbit on

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Baltimore Rowhouse – Pajama Jammy Jam
I had an inkling that it might be the case – but now I’m certain that I could be BFF with these people. I mean, I really want to be hanging out with these folks at the Pajama Party that they threw in honor of a completed year’s worth of renovations to their impressive home. You should start following this blog now!! Its a great resource for renovators. We love you Corey!!

The Estate of Things chooses Baltimore Rowhouse Blog

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SwissMiss – A Minimalist Way of viewing Flickr Images
SwissMiss found this neat way to scroll through a Flickr library. (Which is great b/c seriously, as much as I want to love Flickr – I very much dislike its navigation interface.)  If you have a Flickr account, your URL is Here’s what we have on TheEstateofThings.

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Renovation Therapy – My.Total.Dream.House and Sure, There are worse things
Wow, let me take a moment to express my love for this chick. She’s funny and I love all that she blogs of. My heart totally goes out on these posts – as I know how hard it is to come down from a fantasy like the one she describes here. Check out that beautiful barn house.

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And if you Twitter – here’s a quick mention of the new folks that TeoT follows as a result of todays surf sesh!! Click here to follow us!?

Velocityem and VelocityJohn – From Velocity Art & Design


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