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My friend Andrea sent this over for me to check out… It is kind of like the hard core gangster European slash high end intelligent version of HGTV’s Design Star (to which I apologize for not finishing my recap posts… truth be told… I didn’t even watch the last of that terrible terrible show.)

So Phillippe Starck doesn’t play, and I feel a little anxious for these folks. I know that you are probably at work, but its Friday and you have all weekend! So bookmark this and when you have a chance to chill out with your lappy, let’s get lost in it together and discuss it sometime.

Design for Life from design on Vimeo.

Design for life | Episode 2 from designforlife|episode2 on Vimeo.

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  • Please post all episodes (or tell us where to get them).

    Yeah, Phillippe doesn’t play, but he’s not as brutal as I thought he might be.

    I think this show will help its viewers become more sophisticated consumers and I look forward to that for myself.

    I’m glad the “older” guy got to stay on. I wonder if Starck would have loved the photo of the bike idea.


  • Okay Hallie…
    I’m so glad you watched.
    I’m updating the post to include the other episodes!! I LOVE making a Marathon of TV series.

    I wondered too about the picture of the bike. I think the reason why I would feel so intimidated by Starck in this situation is b/c his response would be sooo un-predicatable.

    I’m looking forward to watching more and seeing if there is any formula to the way he is communicating and teaching.


    “weeth a song a siiinger can change ze world,
    a political man can change ze world wiz a law… us it is wiz a chair, a table, a toilet brush”

  • Well, well, well.

    Not surprised about Rob. Definitely surprised about Nabile. Though, like Project Runway, ya gotta watch the ones with heavy face-time: win or the dreaded final edit.

    I actually felt a bit ill when the girls interceded for Mike(?). I thought that perhaps Starck would ask one of them to take his place.

    Sounds like Starck is difficult to understand conceptually. And the teaser for Ep. 3 reinforces that idea. The one girl is like, I don’t know if I’d want to work for this crazyman.

    I like him, though. I’d like to try to impress him. And he isn’t straight-up mean, just blunt. I appreciate that.

    Okay, I’ll try to find Episode 3, unless you have a surprise for us in the morning. If I find, you want me to send your way?


  • Also, I am curious to see if I wind up buying into Starck’s philosophy as it, hopefully, is more clearly articulated and/or demonstrated.

    Like, so far, he’s using catchwords like sustainable, need, future, new–will I agree with his definitions/demonstrations of these concepts?


  • Hallie..
    You’re awesome. I need to catch a corner of the evening to watch more and share my thoughts as well.

    Were you pleased with the final episode?

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