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A TEOT reader recently sent us an email.

Vicky writes,

I am DYING to know more about the wood frame chair(s) in bungalow 404, the ones with the white cushions. I would love to know about the vine fabric on the pillow case (on the one near the white ikea inspired bookcase) and where you found those chairs!!!


Dearest Vicky,

Good story about those chairs. I purchased them about 8 years ago at a thrift store in Greensboro, NC called Design Archives (great store). So…they are vintage. The chairs have a bamboo frame and chrome caps on the ends of each arm. I painted them black and had new cushions made for them because when I bought the chairs the cushions were missing.  Not long after buying those chairs, Sara Ruffin Costello’s home was featured in Domino.

Remember this,

Domino Living Room-Sara Ruffin Costello

Now look closer at Costello’s living room.

Do you see the black arm chairs on the left and right sides of the image, with the LuLu DK Chant patterned throw pillows in them? Yeah now imagine my surprise.  When I saw those I immediately checked the source in the magazine. Costello’s chairs (my chairs) were from Room and Board.  Eight years ago, Room and Board was carrying these chairs at about $300 each.  Today, they are not. I would recommend searching bamboo furniture on Craigslist and Ebay. I searched “bamboo lounge chair” on Ebay and got some interesting hits but nothing right on the money.

Sarah's ReFinished Chair

The fabric is an easy one. The green vine fabric you asked about is a pillow cover I purchased from skinny laminx called Orla in chartreuse. I checked her shop and she doesn’t currently have any Orla cushions available but from experience Etsy sellers are always open to questions and she might be willing to accomodate.

Great email and thanks for writing.

All the best-


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