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It takes a village to raise a little home decor blog…

I arrived at my real job this morning, first checking real job email then TEOT mail.  I found that my TEOT mailbox had been slightly blown up with loads of suggestions from three different readers.

One reader suggested Etsy seller, Bohtieque, as a great source for an affordable gift.  if you have a big family or a lot of friends to buy for, you might consider Bohtieque’s huge selection of custom mailing labels. Wouldn’t this be a great gift for your child’s teacher?

bohtieque labelbohtieque label3bohtieque label2bohtieque label4

Bregan from The Lead Chandelier emailed us and directed our attention to the beautiful and popular Julia dress by Calypso that has seriously been discounted. She suggested wearing it for a holiday party which I think is a good idea but I also think its a great winter getaway dress or perfect for the summer. You can find this dress on Ebay too!

julia dress calypso


And finally a gift wish from Alia of Sweetshorn Vintage, she offers the qualifier that this is considered an indulgent gift wish but it is… drumroll……straight from the set of the Golden Girls, wallpaper inspired by Blance Devereaux’s bedroom.  It’s called Martinique and its available at Designer Wall Coverings. I have to say Alia, this is slightly obscure. Does this request set the tone for the rest of your list?  Martinique has been spotted in numerous spots in the magazine world.

m blancheonline

Beverly Hills wallpaper martinique kitchen

m steven klein for vogue

m nickyhilton

m ElleDecor

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  • I watch Golden Girls at least 4 times a day. Are there support groups for that, perhaps attended as one favorite character?

    Can we start one?

  • That Calypso Julia is the best most versatile dress ever and I want one in each of the available colors.

    Tracking down more examples of Blanche’s Wallpaper was genius y’all. Alia, I love the GG support group idea. Do you also watch it back to back with Designing Women? Those shows are so awesome…..

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