Dear TEOT: Chalkboard on the fridge

A TEOT reader Courtnay writes,

Hi! I’m looking to buy a vintage (or at least “faux vintage”) chalkboard that I can attach to my refrigerator. Any suggestions on where I could find one?

Hi Courtnay,

Here’s my suggestion,
I’m assuming that you’d like to attach it to the side, maybe the front?
In either case, I would search around for a vintage or antique frame thats the right size for you, spray paint the frame the desired color. Locate some thin plywood or some kind of backer board and cut it to fit your frame. Once cut, paint the board with chalkboard paint and affix to the frame. If you’d like a more modern look, craft stores like Micheal’s sell frames that can be assembled to customize size.
If the fridge doesn’t mean a lot to you, you can always paint the whole fridge with chalkboard paint which is awesome or dry erase board paint is always an option too.
Hope this helps.
Thanks for your email and for reading TEOT!
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