Dear TEOT: First House Part I

The following email came in and we of course would love to help our friend in Austin.  She writes,

So, I’ve bought my first house and have a little case of nesting to deal with. Namely, I want to replace my ultra cool and super uncomfortable living room furniture with new, stylish (let’s say I lean towards some sort of Romantic Modern sense of design) and hopefully affordable furnishings. I want a couch you can lounge on, an oversized chair you can curl up into and probably a third piece to square things off. My dilemma, besides a budget, is that I love the clean structure of modern furniture, but I also want comfort. Here are some of my initial crushes. I live in Austin, TX and plan to consider consignment as well as new pieces. So, I was hoping TEOT could come to my rescue.

These were some of our Texan friend‘s likes,

The Estate of Things Dear Teot Help Me Find a Couch

Image includes: Button Sofa from Eurway , Tufted Ottoman from UO, Velvet Pouf from UO, Antoinette Fainting Sofa from UO in Lime and Carribean, Floor Cushion Platform from UO, Petrie Sofa from Crate & Barrel, The Nines Sofa from Crate & Barrel,  Vintage Leather from Craigslist

I have to tell you that black leather vintage sofa on Craigslist scared me and for some reason I thought of Lizzie Borden almost immediately, what does that say about me? But I loved the velvet and the slim-lined sofas that our Texan chose.

After seeing all the velvet the Texan liked at Urban Outfitters I immediately thought of this image from Domino.

the estate of things chooses domino living room

I sent it to her and she agreed that the image from Domino exemplifies the style she wants to move toward. Let’s do it, part II to come.

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