Music Friday: Hoodie Allen

I gotta write about this guy today, because I’m all amped up to go see him tonight. Its a been a really fantastic music week for me, as I got to sit in on a session with my favorite band of all time, the Avett Brothers….. and subsequently got to shake hands and take pictures and all that radness….. They are playing tonight as well – but instead of going to what LA considers a COUNTRY night at a HUGE GINORMOUS venue, I’ve opted to go check out a ’bout to be huge’ white rapper that goes by the name Hoodie…..

We’ve paid this guy some attention on the Audio Muffin due to the fact that he’s topped the charts repetetively, and due largely to the fact that my last name is KCRW on facebook, I got an invite to the VIP lounge at the Roxy for a hip hop extravaganza tonight.

So an entourage of people expressed interest, and its now turned into a posse, so we’re gonna roll 6 deep into the club via BUS….. cause we too are GANGSTER…. Check out the tunes!! Its heavily sampled, so you’re likely to find lots of great tunes throughout his track…. (that’s the deal with mixtapes… I’m new to all the hip hop stuff. Tonight will be an education!)

Words Of Wisdom by HoodieAllen

Swimming With Sharks by HoodieAllen

Download the full mixtape here….

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