Music Friday: Jessica Lea Mayfield

I had on the “The Best of Bluegrass Nuevo” itunes playlist on this morning with my coffee and banana nut muffin when this song came on and I was quickly inspired to share it with you today.

Jessica Lea Mayfield: Is This Love?

This young lady is a heart wrenching talent with lyrics that she wrote at age 15…. and they would hurt your heart to think they were written bout you…. but if instead you want to stand behind them and point them towards your own object of love and turmoil, well its the perfect soundtrack for a long and tragic weekend.

Here’s another track, a paired down acoustic from… and a video from a fantastic Public Radio station based in Seattle, KEXP…. Enjoy!!

Jessica Lea Mayfield: We’ve Never Lied

KEXP inStudio 5.2 – JESSICA LEA MAYFIELD from More Dust Than Digital on Vimeo.

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