Music Friday: Rafter (dancepants)

Yay RAFTER! The man that is about to put the dance in your pants is the producer for Asthmatic Kitty records (Sufjan Steven’s pretty label – Is it safe to assume that you love Sufjan Stevens already?)

Included are some tracks that will hopefully brighten your friday! And if you love the F word as much as I do, you can do some more digging and get your hands on a few tracks that will surely make you smile! He’ll drop a little vocoder in here and there too, and I love robots.

Meanwhile, here are a coupla songs I’ve been bouncing in my task chair to.

Rafter – Never Gonna Die

Rafter – Feels Good

A Music Video by Dax Norman for an earlier track by Rafter called JUICY!!!

Rafter “Juicy” Music Video By Dax Norman from dax norman on Vimeo.Thanks for playing,


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