Music Friday: Lissie

The Estate of Things chooses Lissie for Music Friday

One of my first experiences with a Live studio performance at my new job with KCRW was with Lissie. I had never heard of the artist before. I quietly snuck into the studio to find this beautiful natural blonde woman wailing her face off about running away. I was a bit frozen there for the remainder of her songs. She’s fantastic and I think you may love her too.

Here’s a video from one of my favorite music bloggers, Yours Truly.

Lissie Little Lovin’ [Part 2 of 2] from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

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  • Oh wow, somehow I’d missed that you worked at KCRW – LUCKY!!!! We live in Chicago but we listen to KCRW all day on the radio. Her set on MBE was one of my all time faves! We just keep waiting for her full album to come out. Any idea when that’s gonna be? :)

  • she says: “I think it will be coming out in the next couple months, but as soon as I say something is going to happen, it changes.”

    I’m highly anticipating! I’ve really enjoyed the EP….

    also, thanks Amy – that’s a huge compliment!

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