Music Friday: We Are Hunted

Today’s Music Friday isn’t going to be a band, but rather a resource for you to find great new music every day on your own. This site pulls the most talked about songs from the internet, much like HypeM – but in an even easier format for those that just want to hear the best that the internet has to offer! Here’s how it works according to Mashable.

We Are Hunted aggregates music based on semantic elements like positive sentiment, expression, and advocacy across social networks, forums, music blogs, torrents, P2P networks, and — yes of course — Twitter.

The Estate of Things chooses We Are Hunted - Image from Mashable

Its through sites like this that we will be shaping the way that people consume music. Perhaps you’ve noticed, but your music tastes used to separate you from others like a class system. Its because you had to work hard to know about good music, be dedicated to finding it, be connected. Now anyone can know what’s up with great music… Let all of the tastemakers on the internet do the research and presentation for new music – and the consumers will chat up what they love online and WE ARE HUNTED will whittle all that back down into an easy list of 99 most talked about songs for you to easily stream!!

I love it!

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