Music Friday: Mason Jennings

The Estate of Things chooses Mason Jennings

I figured this was appropriate. Just saw Mason Jennings with Sarah and Dan and Rob and Katie and Chris last night!! Dan loves him and Sarah and Dan know how to listen to music. Last night was my favorite night!

I’ve given Mason Jennings a shot a coupla times, never been blown away by any of the cds. I used to make music with Rob and he did a fair amount of Mason Jennings covers, as does Derek, who is another friend that I love. Seems like if all these friends like him………. then maybe you will?

It was a fun live show. My brother and I sat in the back with Sarah and made up a story about how Mason Jennings was actually the bastard love child of Kris Kristofferson and Waylan Jennings’ woman. He grew up in the shadow of a young Shooter and never accepted his true father. He assumed the Jennings name with hope and he struggles to this day to live up to it. (None of this is true, and we wouldn’t let Sarah tell us that we got it wrong. We don’t care for facts sometimes!)

I am a fan of pretty melodies that tell a story over simple instrumentation! These are my favs.

Mason Jennings – The Field

Mason Jennings – Butterfly

and Sarah’s fav – The Fisherman

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  • I used to listen to Mason Jennings quite a bit, I’ve even gone backstage to a couple of shows and met him a few times. Unfortunately I don’t like his work for the past few years, I’ve stopped going to his shows because i only want to hear his early stuff.

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