Do you know someone who is glamorous enough to indulge in smoking these?

They are $60.50 for 5 packs of 10 cigarettes.

nat sherman cigarettes

Nat Sherman, Fantasia Lights

Found at Mrs.Lilien, her blog is truly delightful and highly recommended

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  • Haha!! Hey, we used to smoke those when I was in High School. My friend Emilie would buy them for special occasions, like Juinorettes dances….. I haven’t thought about that in such a long time. Awesome.

  • We were definitely glamorous in highschool, Bootsy…No doubt. “Just call us butter cuz we’re on a roll” was our senior class motto. Doesn’t that statement just scream G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S? (it took me forever to type that and I had to sing it at the same time).

  • Wow-Hickory gals are glam! I’ve never seen these before…and DC would totally think they were teeons (crayons).

  • I have no idea where we got these things…gosh, smoking was so fun back then….

  • HA! I smoked these in HS and would sort them by color to match my outfit (mostly pink). A classy skank?

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