So last week we discussed Pegged…. and I begged of you to tell me what you think of hanging your pots and pans out for everyone to see on a peg board in the kitchen. Thank you for all the great feedback.

This week I wanna see what you think about Exposed Shelving in the Kitchen. I’m pretty sure how I feel about this one, but let’s hear it from you!!

The Estate of Things chooses Exposed Shelves

From Desire to Inspire (Check out this chick’s pad)

The Estate of Things chooses Black White Yellow Kitchen with Exposed Shelves

Source unknown

the estate of things chooses pure style home kitchen

Lauren’s remodeled kitchen, Pure Style Home

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  • You have to be so careful with this trend. I hate clutter and feel that everything should have its place (preferably in a drawer). That said, I think this can look beautiful (in the kitchen specifically) if two things are true. One, you are at least a little OCD and two, your glasses, bowls, plates and pitchers are pretty. I think I can get on board with the second image, but the first is making me nervous.

  • I agree 100%. The 1st picture I don’t like at all. Too full of “stuff” and I just to clean it up.

    The 2nd picture I think is nice, but not for me. I like to look in my kitchen and see what I think is “clean” meaning everything put up, and nothing on the shelves, counter tops etc.

    I also think the “look” is fine for someone with a small family or a single couple. In my house, we need more plates, bowls etc. and my shelves would look cluttered (which is fine if there closed off.) I love to cook and my mixing bowls alone fill the cabinet.

    I do look the open area for the cookbooks, and the kitchen in general.

  • love the 2nd pic. B&W kitchens have become my fav and the yellow bowls really set it off.

  • Considering my kitchen doesn’t stay staged for photographs, I have cabinets and the countertop is cluttered– I’m thinking I’ll continue to enjoy just looking at this design concept. I do appreciate it and enjoy it thoroughly.

  • You not only have to deal with dust but also a certain amount
    of grease in the kitchen. For this reason I like everything tucked away in a cabinet or a drawer. I probably would not put
    a peg board or open shelving in the kitchen.

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