Dress it up

Holy Dress on the wall. I’ve not seen this done with such drama before. My experience has always been with an innocent little number hanging quietly in a corner above a tub or a vanity….. This is BOLD, and loud, begging you to kick off your shoes, jump on the couch and dance the flamenco.

The Estate of Things chooses Selina Lake

I just bumped into this Selina Lake website via Domestikatedlife.com.

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  • This isn’t appealing at all. The rain slicker couch alone could send me running the other way and the dress just makes me feel like we’re in a waiting area at Planet Hollywood.

  • I’ll stick up for this, I love the theatrical component!

    I think the dress idea paired maybe with a subtler couch could translate nicely to a more practical-application!

  • I tend to agree with Kate on this. If it weren’t so matchy matchy it would be fun without being so… so… dijon and yellow mustard.
    Come to think of it Betsy, my Granny used to have an antiquey white childs dress hanging above a wash basin thing. This is definitely a modern spin on that.

  • I’m doing the flamenco with this thing. I think its a great image. Sometimes the appeal is about the drama of the photo, and not necessarily the practical application of living with something. (ie. I don’t wanna lay on that tucked in rubber couch slip) Not that I wouldn’t live with a beautiful dress splayed up on the wall above my couch. I even like the dijon on mustard… It was a Great Inspiration Find Kate. Thanks!!

  • This image totally made my day. I love it! And no, I couldn’t actually live with that couch or hang a dress on the wall. But, I love this person’s daring color sense and crazy pairings. And I’m swiping this image to use in one of my posts. { Thank you! } Fabulous!

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