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I splurged on these fixtures from Circa Lighting. Two of these beauties, hardwired in over the built-in bookcases on either side of the fireplace in Bungalow 404. I try not to think about the price, it makes me feel a little ill. Timeless they are, economic they are not. But I think the $9 ceiling light I am getting at IKEA for DC’s room will balance things out.

Also worth noting, my mother read that Circa Lighting will occasionally have warehouse sales in the areas where their stores are. If you live near one, you may want to investigate this further.

the estate of things chooses circa lighting


Update for Cherry! Here is a snapshot of the lighting in place in Bungalow 404. See more of this bungalow renovation here.

bungalow 404 Sarah Farrell The Estate of Things

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  • hey it would be great to see this product in context, such as in your home. its always hard to visualize a product when its just a product shot. any chance of this?

  • Hi Cherry,

    As soon as they are up I will be sure to share. The interior of the house is being prepared for paint and other finishing touches, the lighting being part of the final leg of the remodeling process.

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