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Mitchell Gold Bob Williams

I went to a Mitchell Gold Bob Williams opening event in Beverly Hills this past Thursday night. It was a super fun time and I was so stoked to hang with an old friend from my high school days in Hickory, NC. Besides the fact that serving gratis Mac 12 cocktails is the BEST option if you are gonna drag your dude to a designer event in Beverly Hills, here is my biggest take home from checking out the new store:

Looking through their upholstery options was enlightening. Due to my work with Jaxon, I’m now familiar with the upholstery lines and I was moved by how EDITED the collection was. I’m sure if you wanted some upholstery that wasn’t there, they could get their hands on it for you, but to see such a specific set of colors, textures and patterns grouped together in a way that was sensible & digestible really provided a guideline to get the MGBW look. As a retailer, editing your consumer’s options when you have a seemingly infinite array of availability is an important part of distinguishing your point of view. That’s why THIS change is coming soon on for custom upholstery selection.

Also, I just wanna shout out to CoCo Cozy who damn near blew my mind. I’m not even sure I can say, but why not – as long as I don’t blow her cover right!? Y’all, this fantastically appointed and successful woman runs a great blog and has even launched a home interiors line that is carried in over 25 stores nationwide, and she has a day job to boot. But the best part is that her day-job-boss doesn’t know about her online life after all this time. Impressive. It makes me feel like crap for waxin’ pathetic about how my day job keeps me from having the energy required to make this blog awesome. Whatever!


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