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Lenox kitchen island Thomas O'Brien Hickory Chair

Lenox kitchen island detail

The Lenox kitchen island designed by Thomas O’Brien for Hickory Chair. Made to order from English brown oak with dovetail drawers.
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  • Oh, my that island is beautiful….he has such style…but the price is outrageous! A good cabinet maker and some high grade marble…it can be done for $1200 or less! What an easy piece it would be to replicate…and high grade baskets…and whoof…you have it. I love Williams Sonoma Home..but they are for some of us…just out of touch.

  • Or, you could hack it using the IKEA Norden occasional table
    – cut the top ends of the table top off and cover with marble (enough so there’s an overhang). Flip the drawers around so the are backwards…and somewhere I know I’ve come across those label-holder style pulls. Paint wood a milky white, maybe even place a solid wood piece on the bottom shelf. Voila!

    The Norden sideboard would look great hacked as well, although online it only shows in the black-brown. It has two drawers, but the solid shelves and the top isn’t as long so you probably wouldn’t need to cut it down.

    They won’t be quite the same presence, but definitely more accessible!

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