I wanna rock with you

Meet the new piece of furniture thats likely to appear in a nursery near you

ryder rocking chair west elm

Ryder rocking chair

There is a decent number of mamas and designers looking for a solid alternative to the Sleepytime rocker, upholstered glider or IKEA rocker in the nursery. This could be the one. If I didn’t already have a rocker, I’d want to test drive this one.

While we’re talking about West Elm, lets talk about some other cool new stuff,

striped edge duvet west elm

Stripe edge duvet

I have the striped edge sheets and love them!

favorite throw west elm

Favorite throw

I’ve been looking for an affordable throw for DC’s room, but I needed just the right color to match her shams.

linen cotton beadskirt west elm

linen cotton bedskirt

Nice basic, tailored bedskirt

egg crate west elm

Egg crate

If your fridge didn’t come with egg storage 



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  • I’m thinking that rocker would not be comfortable considering if provides no way to lean back. But it’s certainly pleasing to the eye.

  • Love your fun blog! I also love west elm’s new additions this fall and one of my first fav’s was the rocking chair! Thought that was such a great, modern yet comfy looking seat…I was trying to picture an ottoman that might work too.. ;)

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