Frame a Scarf

Its one of those affordable art concepts that’s been around for a bit but needs reviewing…frame a vintage scarf. What are we all waiting for, we should just do it already.

I seriously considered framing a vintage Vera scarf for Laney’s nursery. So I set out one night (months ago) on an Etsy search and found a few good possibilities– and then didn’t follow through. Its a familiar occurrence. Can you tell that there is a tinge of self-loathing here because so often I don’t follow through with these ideas. Oh well, I’ll keep trying.

Here are a few of the Vera scarves I found—there are soooo many to love,

Quantum Singularities




You can also search Ebay for something a little more luxurious like Emilio Pucci, Hermes, Chanel etc.

Recently I saw Bryn pin a scarf framed in acrylic and I really like the idea of acrylic frames,

And if you’re not sold on the idea yet here are some examples,


And if you don’t want to frame them, there’s always the ol’ scarf throw pillows. So I’m curious, have you framed a scarf?



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