Make Your Own

Don’t you think Betsy’s photograph,


Looks a lot like the photograph Thom Filicia used in the entry of the lake house in the current issue of House Beautiful…you’re nodding your head yes,


Give me one good reason why she shouldn’t blow this thing up and make some art?


And now a quick word from our sponsors!

The Estate of Things recently set up shop at
the MART Collective in Venice, CA. Come by and see us!

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  • I love Thom! I was fortunate enough to meet him and see his room in the Designer Showhouse while in NYC for Blogfest 2012. He was so lovely and the room was unbelievable.

    And I love that photograph of his, and yours, Sarah!

  • I do love that photo of fuzzy Chad and Rachael at the beach. Let me get my hands on the full res version (on computer at worky) and share. We could have it blowed up!

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