Yes Gehry! It’s Moving Day.

It is going to be a busy weekend. Here’s a quick rundown of what is going to happen.

We’re all gonna pack up boxes like crazy tonight! Tomorrow we meet our new landlords to get keys and write some checks. I’ll probably walk around and breathe deeply and feel satisfied internally. I’m sure it will be this moment that I feel I deeply want the Fiddle Leaf Fig to live at the Gehry. Jury is still out on #HeffeHouse or #YesGehry. I believe I need two 12 year old Figs. I’m never satisfied.

After this – it will be a quick run back to my apartment to meet Heffe with his Dad’s truck. (Thank you sir!) There we will load up Kate’s dining table and chairs, and my blue couch. The couch will ultimately make itself at home in the Heffe living room with a new dark gray cover. The dining table will live under that beautiful light fixture. (By the way…. my brother Chad totally gave that chandelier the thumbs up, saying it would look great in his NC Mountain House. Now Heffe thinks its been affirmed that it should stay. Thanks Chad. That lighting fixture MIGHT have looked good in a NC Mountain House in the 70s.) ie. I’m not a fan of this fixture.

We’ll then snag Heffe’s big frosty glass top rectangular dining table with chrome legs and cart it to Yes Gehry where it fit snugly behind the open bar area of our teeny kitchen. It’s going to provide a nice clean moment, and the icy blue top should be just the right texture for the modern beachy vibe that I’m after. That’s right, a modern beachy theme.

Here’s some fun with Photoshop.

 Now that I  have an inspiration point for the place – I’m on the lookout for rattan bar stools for the bar. Thanks to Sarah and her persistence that I include a Massimo Vitali beach photo just about ANYWHERE, it clicked that Yes Gehry is the right place for that vibe — particularly since Heffe and I have been referring to the place as our beach house. (He’s even considering taking up surfing.)

How about a mural? Yes Gehry. Yessssssss.

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