Guest Cottage Kitchen Remodel Part II

In Part I, you saw the before pictures of the guest cottage kitchen. Moving right along, let’s discuss what we wanted/needed to do to improve this space.

This was the plan,

  • Gut the room and walls, keeping the ceiling and end wall
  • Reuse stove, white cast iron sink
  • Install faux brick flooring
  • Add recessed lighting, fixture over sink
  • New plumbing
  • Relocate and shorten window
  • Install shaker-style IKEA cabinets
  • Widen and increase height of doorways
  • New appliances, add dishwasher

I really wanted to use IKEA cabinets in this project. I’ve read so many good reviews but the reality was it was more planning and legwork than I could handle. I was in the middle of this project at the same time that we were finishing up the Midland Duplex project, trying to sell my house, moving, Christmas and having a two year old and a full time job so I scrapped IKEA and went with a local cabinet maker, Quality Cabinet Co. who I had previously worked with.

Quality created a layout based on my design which isn’t groundbreaking, its just an L-shape. Here are three different views of the kitchen cabinet layout.


Cottage kitchen view I

window wall

Cottage kitchen view II

range wall

Cottage kitchen view III

So it was time to put the plan in motion. Looking at demolition pictures can sometimes be confusing, I hope you can get a decent idea of the layout and what happened.

cottage kitchen demo

Looking at stove wall

cottage kitchen demo4

Moving around to the right, towards window

cottage kitchen demo

moving further down right wall, this window will be shortened and the sink will be moved here

cottage kitchen pantry demo

the  pantry and door to the right leads into a small hallway

Cottage corridor2 demo

Standing in kitchen looking in to hallway, entrance to living room is on the right, entrance to the bathroom is on the left, furnace room is straight ahead

cottage kitchen corridor demo

Standing in hallway looking in to kitchen

Part III will be completion!

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