Sarah’s House: new pet door

Mission accomplished, pet door for Bob the cat installed. The stinky litter box has been relocated to the basement. We used the temptation of some treats to get her to go through it.

new pet door

What you’ll need:

  • pet door
  • jigsaw
  • drill
  • pencil
  • measuring tape
  • level
  • tape

Dan’s first brush with a jigsaw went well. He quickly realized the merits of drilling big holes in the corners of the template, if you don’t the saw slips a little and you end up with a little gouge in the moulding, oops.

We bought our pet door from Lowe’s Home Improvement, it was $39 with tax. We opted for the plastic version because it will not be exposed to the elements and because the aluminum version had the same 10 year warranty but was $20 more.

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  • Our cat loves the cat door. However, the neighbor’s cat has figured out how to use it too. We also had a band of raccoons that partied hard one weekend while we were gone. Fortunately they didn’t figure out how to open the refrigerator, but they did open everything else in the kitchen–bags of flour, containers with pecans and other goodies, etc. They opened up every drawer and cupboard and left their little paw prints on every cup, saucer, and plate, etc–they even left paw prints on the walls and curtains! We cured their unwelcome entries by replacing the old cat door with a cat door that has a lock that our cat opens with a special magnet that attaches to her collar. When she pushes on the door, the magnet in her collar triggers the door to unlock. The locking cat door that uses a 9 volt battery works the best. The versions that don’t use a battery unfortunately don’t function as well. Just wanted you to know about that option–but hopefully you won’t ever have any unwanted entries.

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