Kristine’s Living Room

My friend Kristine asked me to give her some input on redecorating her living room. Remember when we talked¬†about Kristine’s kitchen remodel here and here.

Last time we checked in with her, Kristine and her husband were trying to choose a kitchen backsplash. They are still working on agreeing on the right tile.

For her living room, Kristine bought a beautiful kilim in Afghanistan. The rug and budget had to be considered when making other choices for the room.

Kristine's kilim

She also already purchased a couple of other pieces that also had to be incorporated like; a pair of mid century Danish armchairs, a rustic wood accent table, a pair of wrought iron etageres and lots of exotic accessories from her and husband’s travels.

Considering the style of their home and their collection of worldly accessories I thought a modern rustic style with a touch of Southern California would bring everything together. The fabric choices were influenced by the kilim that Kristine purchased. The greens and deep reds from the rug are picked up in the fabrics and the blue tones in the rug will be echoed in accessories. I’m really excited about the modern wingback from West Elm, I hope Kristine decides to spring for it.

The vintage Danish armchairs that Kristine purchased that will sit across from the wingback are not pictured but they look very similar to the one pictured.

Living room Sunset


Currently the room is a medium gray but I’ve been trying to convince Kristine that its begging to be painted a warm white to open everything up. Notice I avoided the phrase “light and airy”, that phrase is looonnnng dead.

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  • Roost-you’re clear to say it as long as the “light & airy” police are not patroling nearby! If Kristine takes my suggestions I’ll be sure to share.

  • Welcome back Sarah! The West Elm Wingback has been living comfortably in my living room for two weeks and looks great. Are you shocked?? I’m still waiting on requested fabric samples to arrive. And, I’ve contacted the sofa place multiple times with no luck on getting a quote or fabric samples…probably going to make a road trip to Hickory/Ashville/High Point. As for painting again….still not there yet.

  • Kristine-Welcome to the comment section of TEOT!I think this is the 1st time you’ve ever commented, am I wrong– now see didn’t that feel good & it was easy!I am totally shocked that u bought it but also elated.I want to come see now & I also know that you’ve had some visits from the electrician-he told me that it was a drum shade!I’m beaming w/pride.

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