Sarah contemplates decorating around the television in the living room.

Yes I am going to talk about televisions wrecking the interior landscape again, I already wrote a post about TVs in the bedroom. Just to be clear I am pro-TV and I’m in the camp that says, live with it if you like/want it.

Some of us don’t have the luxury of a living room and a separate den so the TV is right there in the mix, sometimes fighting with the fireplace to be the focal point. This is the case in my house and I’m sure some of you share this challenge.

This is the TV over the fireplace at my house shortly after we moved in.


Maybe like I did, you too will find comfort in this image of this lovely living room with a big ol’ TV front and center.

Palmer Weiss living room

Palmer Weiss

**Also an item of note, the ceiling fan which you don’t see a lot in fantasy design world but in the real world in some locales it is a neccessity.

Another beautiful home featured in House Beautiful with a TV mounted over the mantel. Although I did notice, the sofa is positioned with its back to the TV and the fireplace?

Windsor Smith living room

Windsor Smith

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