Kristine’s House: Intro

My friend Kristine has asked me to help her redecorate her combined living and dining areas and to help remodel the kitchen. 

Kristine and her husband Fred bought their 1970s contemporary or shed style home a few years ago.  Since the closing they’ve been hard at work on remodeling.  They are like those kind of people that you see on HGTV’s Weekend Warriors, except for HGTV never shows up on their doorstep offering free labor/carpentry.  They have routinely done their own demolition work, painting and have engaged in several DIY projects.

the estate of things chooses shed style home

Because Kristine is no stranger to demo work, she will be doing the demo in the kitchen herself.  She is also not opposed to painting the rooms AGAIN.  The basic plan for this project is:

  • Entire kitchen remodel including new tile, flooring, countertops, cabinetry, fixtures, hardware, possible installation recessed lighting. We are very inspired by CREED Interiors praise of IKEA cabinetry.
  • New dining & living room furniture
  • new light fixtures, hiding of TV wiring
  • paint
  • new accessories & textiles

Custom Sofa Design Granada

Custom Sofa Design, Granada

Kristine and Fred have traveled quite a bit and they collected lots of objects and carpets from the Middle East and Asia.  It is important to the couple to incorporate these treasured objects in to the living space but at the same time not let the room get too saturated with these elements. 

Considering the style of the home is critical…

peter dunham living room

Peter Dunham

I think a Southern California vibe would be good here. Think modern and casual, warm wood-toned cabinetry, a Big Sur dining table, a fig tree, open and loungy furniture that keeps the room flowing right out the french doors on to the rear deck.  Their personal treasures from the East and textiles and maybe a tapestry will keep the space warm.

 Kristine sent me some images that are inspiring her.

Southern Living big color living room

Southern Living

Domino living room pink


Bunny Williams showhouse
Bunny Williams 

Cottage Living 2008 Idea Home living rm

 Cottage Living Idea Home, 2008, Los Angeles

         the estate of things chooses Miles Redd  black botanical prints

 Here are some images I find to be inspiring for Kristine’s house,

wilton_house carrier & co dining room  kitchen-loft

susie sarlo living room

living room neutral furniture

CW Eisner dining room

Carrier & Co., unknown, Susie Sarlo, unknown, CW Eisner

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  • Some might disagree, but Ikea cabinets are not for the faint of heart so it’s a good thing Kristine has all of that energy. Putting those cabinets together was a serious test of my marriage and something we swore we’d never do again! haha. That said – they look decent and the price was right.

  • Kylie,
    Thanks for the comment!
    My husband has assembled a significant amount of IKEA furniture and Kristine has done a little herself, Kristine & I both agree, she will spring for professional installation.

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