Sarah is doing stuff with her fam. She is probably gonna plant some perennials if she gets a minute.

Betsy is heading to San Diego for an overnight band thingy. She got her tix to England this week, so those shows are really happening!

Here’s some interneting:

We’ll admit, sometimes we feel a little silly pushing material items all around on the internet like its the only thing we care about, but reading through this  review of Rebecca Solnit’s essays on What Our Dream Homes Reveal about our Inner Lives – WHEW! It’s absolved us of all of our guilt. We now boldly and proudly pin our most fantastic of Fantasy Home Decor, guilt free and we suggest you do the same – it’s for the good of your own inner self.

If that was a little too deep for you, here’s something else to do instead. It’s a freaking fun color matching game. My best score was my first at 522, since I didn’t do any better on my second shot, I didn’t give it another go. Let’s hear your scores.

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