Indiana Project: Landscaping

We worked hard Saturday in the 90 degree heat on the landscaping and fine tuning the lot at the Indiana project. There is a lot to be done. When a house is under construction for many months and work trucks are driving all over what was already a poor excuse for a lawn, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

Back sconces

front planting beds

Construction debris has to be raked away, dead limbs have to be cut, existing shrubs have to be pruned/shaped, a lawn may have to be installed.

plantings beside rear deck


Indiana roof

We purchased our plant stock back in January, so it was transported over, unloaded and ready to be placed. My Mom and I typically do the layouts and we shoot from the hip when it comes to landscape design.


Light over back door

We are far from done after this weekend but its a start.

Juniper closeup

Some friendly neighbors came over and asked to tour the house and we obliged. They spent a while inside and emerged with some pretty positive feedback. I happen to know which house is theirs in town and I’m pretty impressed with their home but they want to move to Indiana! They described our renovation as “breathtaking”…this makes me feel great. After all, this is a huge risk and to hear something like that gives you a tiny bit of relief.

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